What services can I access via Patient Portal?
• Request and view appointments;
• Request a referral to a specialist;
• Request a refill of a medication that is already prescribed to you;
• Request lab results or request that a lab test be ordered for you;
• Update personal information – new phone number, address, etc.;
• Send a secure message to your health care provider.

How secure is my medical information?
Your information is extremely secure. The information on the Portal is merely a snapshot of your
medical record, not the actual record. The snapshot is maintained on a secure server.

How do I register for Patient Portal?
If you are interested in having access to the Patient Portal, please notify the front desk at your next
appointment. If your physician is on the Portal, you will be given a user name and password.

Can I ask emergency related questions via the Patient Portal?
NO, the Patient Portal is not to be used for emergency related health care issues. Please call your
physician’s office directly for any question you would need answered within one business day or sooner.
If you are experiencing a health care emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment via the Portal?
Yes, with advance (5 days) notice only. In order to open your appointment to others in a timely fashion,
please call your physician’s office directly to make any appointment changes within 5 days.

How will I know that my request has been taken care of?
You will receive an email to the address you previously supplied our office. Due to HIPAA (privacy) laws,
we cannot email you a response directly that contains any medical information.

Can I expect a reply by email, or by telephone?
We generally will reply using the same method that you used to contact us. If we need more information
to process your request, we may use email and/or telephone.

Do messages sent and received through the Patient Portal become part of my medical record?
Yes. Messages that you send within the Patient Portal, and the responses to those messages, become
part of your medical record.
I think my Patient Portal account has been compromised (i.e. someone else has accessed my account).

What should I do?
Call your physician’s office immediately and we will disable your Patient Portal account. If you would like
to continue to use the Patient Portal, we can issue you a new user name and password at your next visit
to the clinic (the information will only be given in person, not by phone or email).

Can I have one portal account for my whole family?
Each member of your family must have their own individual Patient Portal account, as all messages and
information transmitted become part of your permanent health record. If another member of your
family has access to the patient portal through their MedNow Urgent Care doctor, you will have
separate usernames and passwords that are specific to each of you. Please make certain you are using
the correct username and password. You will be welcomed by name after a successful login, please
double-check it is the correct patient before proceeding with requests or changes.

Will only my doctor see my message or information submitted?
Staff members other than your physician will be involved in receiving your messages, and routing them
to your physician, nurse, or front desk as necessary. If your physician is out of the office that day, your
request may be handled by the physician on call, or held until he/she returns to the office.

Will I continue to receive a phone call from the clinic staff with lab results, as I have before I began
using the Patient Portal?
No, the Patient Portal will be used to communicate your lab test results to you, unless otherwise
specifically requested. The Patient Portal is such an effective communication tool – both for the clinic
and for the patient – that we utilize it whenever we can.

How long does it take for requests to be processed?
Messages and requests will be responded to as quickly as possible. Many requests will only be processed
during your physician’s normal office hours, as they are patient specific, medical issues. So please be
patient with us. Remember, the patient portal is not to be used for emergency related medical issues or